Leeds & Pudsey Sixth Form College
Leeds & Pudsey Sixth Form Colleges are sister institutions for A-Level learning at two different sites in Leeds. Leeds Sixth Form College, initially established as a part of Leeds City College, needed a refreshed identity to showcase its forward-thinking and cutting-edge approach to post-16 education. Pudsey Sixth Form College is a brand new institution, and needed an identity for a local college offering high-quality education to the growing number of ambitious students in the area.

The subsequent identity positions both Leeds & Pudsey Sixth Form Colleges as “sister” brands, with their own personalities, language and quirks. Different tone-of-voice approaches were produced, alongside unique visual elements to differentiate the brands, whilst keeping them aligned towards the shared values.

Sisters, not twins

Both colleges were positioned as “sister colleges”, with similar brand values. They both believe in the importance of extra-curricular activities in a student’s development, as well as sharing teaching philosophies, staff, resources and industry connections. Both colleges have differences, however. Leeds Sixth Form College, in a city centre location, appeals to confident students who embrace the energy of city life and the opportunity this can bring. Whereas Pudsey Sixth Form College, who are set to build a new sustainable campus on the outskirts of the city, attract students from the local area who are looking for flexibility and choice in a communal and caring environment.
An image with various ideas on pieces of paper, pasted to a wall in a creative manner.

Developing the logo

Each college adopts 6 values to live by, and with the name "Sixth Form", the hexagonal shape developed into a core element of the logo.

The hexagonal shape is pitched at 15º to show movement and the upward trajectory of the brand.

A circle, representing community and decisiveness, was added to interconnect the hexagonal shape, shows the interaction between the two colleges, the staff and students and the campuses and the community their in.
Each college has its own colour palette. Leeds adopts an electric blue, inspired by the energy and confidence of its students. It also uses a deep orange, taken from the historical red-brick buildings in the city centre.
Each brand colour is a gradient, rather than a flat hue, to portray movement and add depth. Pudsey adopts a fresh green, matching the new sustainable campus, and a bright gold, representing the proud local community of Pudsey.

Speaking the student language

To help both colleges stand out in the market, and develop a unique brand on their own, a brand language was developed with an altered typeface, custom "emojis", and animated letterforms to add energy and emotion to any copy line. The language showcases the personality for each brand instantly, on any asset.
Each college uses a unique set of "emojis" to amplify the personality in brand assets. Leeds uses stars and arrows to show confidence and direction.
Pudsey "emojis" are based on nature and imply a sense of community.
The tone-of-voice for each college is similar but each have unique phrases and words for differentiation.

Leeds uses words like "different", "new" and "fresh" to bring confidence to the copy. Pudsey use words like "proud" and "belonging" for a softer and more welcoming tone-of-voice.
Imagery is displayed inside "the window", a hexagonal frame which draws viewers into the image.
Leeds uses dramatic imagery with models looking directly into the camera to evoke emotion and confidence. Pudsey uses more relaxed imagery, with models laughing and looking happy in their surroundings.
Each college uses a set of patterns inspired by the surroundings of the campus. Leeds uses angular patterns inspired by the architecture of the city.
Pudsey uses organic patterns built from the surrounding rivers, moors, and topographical maps.
The brand also uses a "building block" pattern with the brand colours for signage and animations.

Works everywhere

Exploring touchpoints shows how the brand language and visual assets combine to create a unique brand experience.