Keighley Together
In partnership with the Department of Work and Pensions, Keighley College wanted a brand identity for a new advice centre opening in the town centre. Targeting 18-24 year olds in the Keighley area, the advice centre will be the first point of call for young adults looking to upskill, seek employment or access benefits and food banks. Keighley people are local and loyal.

There is a sense of belonging and pride in the town and it was important to capture this sense of community in the brand development. The brand needed to be motivational and inspiring without being condescending. It was also important to promote the connection the advice centre will have have to the community through a personal tone-of-voice inspired by local dialect.

As a result of a 4-day sprint, the brand identity was built around the chosen name, Keighley Together.

Local voices

Taking inspiration from “northern” brands like PlusNet and First Direct, Keighley Together uses an accessible and friendly tone-of-voice with local dialect and phrases to connect with the audience. There's no jargon – just simple, short sentences which gives the brand more personality but also ensures it is clear in the services it's providing.

A personal typeface

Inspired by Keighley College's brand font (Euclid Flex), a custom typeface (Network) was crafted. Using rounded corners and re-drawn glyphs, the typeface gives an approachable and personal feel to the brand.
The typeface was rounded before certain characters were completely redrawn to add a softer feel and a more human touch.
The icons, born from the custom typeface, emulate human features.

Building a network

The network connects the brand together. A series of dots and marks inspired by re-drawn Euclid Flex glyphs, these brand markings connect every asset in the brand system - being used on their own or as part of a pattern. The "network" comes to life with motion and mimics the route people take in their lives - a route that is rarely linear.
"The network" links assets together, like a carousel ad on social media.